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We are constantly seeking incredible gardeners who are also talented writers and have a passion for all things related to plants.

Are you captivated by the world of vegetation? You could be interested in imparting some knowledge and pointers on how to properly care for houseplants, or you might have something else that would be of interest to both us and the rest of the globe. How would you want to contribute to us as writers?

Article Guidelines

  • The substance of your articles should be unique, and they should be clear and succinct so that they may have a significant impact.
  • Articles need to be at least 500 words long at the very least.
  • The post needs to be engaging and simple to read, with subheadings that will when required, split up your information into more manageable chunks.
  • Images are encouraged for your articles.
  • We will not consider anything that has been already published.

Link Policy

Within the main text of the article, we retain the right to remove any links that go to websites other than firstbusinessassist.co.uk.

We are willing to include a maximum of two links in your author bio.